Let’s Get Flexibility Working for You 

Covid is pretty much a part of life now and doesn’t seem to be in any hurry to go away. Our We get it. Business these days is a roller coaster. Robal has all sorts of ways to help you get your time and money moving on a leaner track. We’re talking gig jobs, shorter work weeks, one-time project jobs, you name it. What happens if you break tradition and instead of offering a five-day work schedule with overtime available you offer open shifts and allow workers to assign themselves based on their lives?

Recurring gigs allow employees to work when they can, which improves show up rate and retention. This flexible schedule is new to the workforce but is the new way of hiring. Workers want the flexibility and employers need the workers, Robal is the link that connects the two. It’s a real win-win. So, call us. Let’s flex.

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