We Have Vaccine Management Down to A Science 

Covid is pretty much a part of life now and doesn’t seem to be in any hurry to go away. Our Robal Vaccination Management Program can help provide your organization peace of mind during these ever-changing times. And what’s better than knowing all your vaccination concerns are being managed in a professional, compliant, thorough, and timely manner? 

Robal can provide: 

  • An easy verification tool for employee’s vaccination cards and weekly test results 
  • Option to self-verify or work with one of our credentialing specialists 
  • Full reporting of verified vaccination cards and Covid-19 testing results 
  • Option to manage your records by department or individual customers 
  • Set automatic expiration dates for weekly or annual recertification  

Learn more about Robal’s Covid Vaccine Manager at https://robalvaccine.com/vaccine-manager/

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