Same-Day Pay? Talk About an Incentive! 

It’s no secret that employee-focused companies attract and keep better people. So, the idea of same-day-pay is a natural for these want-it-now times. If you’re nervous that same day pay will lead to higher turnover, so were we! Plot twist, retention increased.  

Robal is leading the way toward this inevitable trend. Our standard is 2-day pay, however, Robal offers access of up to 90% of an employee’s net earnings within 30-minutes of shift verification. This is up to 40% more than our competitors.  

Benefits of Same-Day Pay:

  • Gain and retain your workforce
  • Create a holistic culture of employee support at work (and in life)
  • Alleviate financial stress felt by employees
  • Appeal to the “on-demand” mindset of today’s consumer

Connect with Robal today to learn more about these benefits.

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