Why We Don’t Do The 1099 Thing

Nothing against 1099, we just think W-2 makes more sense for our Robal associates. It means we can set them up with employee benefits on our end, which simplifies things on yours. It also ups our ability to meet your specific requirements with more dependable, motivated talent. 

Benefits of a W2 employee: 

  • Allow us to help you take safety seriously by ensuring your workers are covered in case of injury 
  • Strengthen company culture by generating loyalty to your company 
  • Greater control over position requirements 
  • Stabilize the company and offer continuity for customers 

By partnering with Robal for your staffing needs, whether positions are short or long term, gig, or contract to hire, our employees are all W-2. Make 2022 the year of W2 with Robal.

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