What Does 100 or More Employees Mean to Your Business?

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When looking at this OSHA mandate businesses must count:

  • All employees across all US locations
  • Part time employees but not independent contractors
  • Fully vaccinated employees
  • Fully remote employees (these employees are currently not required to comply with the ETS but do affect the total headcount)

What about the temporary employees a business utilizes? These examples may help!

  • Host employer has 75 permanent employees and utilizes 40 temporary employees on site.
    • Host business does not meet requirement and does not need to include temporary labor in head count.
    • Staffing company may qualify depending on number of employees/contractors employed, if over 100, must comply with ETS.
  • Host employer has 150 permanent employees and utilizes 10 temporary employees from a small staffing agency (less than 100 employees)
    • Host business falls under the ETS and the staffing company does not
  • Host employer has 150 permanent employees and utilizes 25 temporary workers from a large agency (over 100 employees)
    • Both the host business and the staffing agency fall under the ETS

Does your company meet the standards of the ETS? Not sure? Contact us today and we can make sure you have the understanding needed and can put a plan in place to be compliant with the impending OSHA regulations.

*It’s important to note the federal mandate that will be managed by OSHA will be the minimums a business has to follow. A business can decide to put a more stringent requirement in place if they choose to do so. An example of this is a host employer with 150 permanent employees that utilizes 10 temporary employees may require that the temporary employees are vaccinated and/or anyone on site is vaccinated.

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