HR Should Be On The Lookout For Fake Vaccination Cards

Not what you wanted to hear right?

What are some of the key points to know about fake vaccination cards?

First, they can be bought off the web easily enough.  Second, there are a number of home-grown fake cards as well.  Third, there are people who will hack health records systems to ensure that these fake cards are registered.   The use and forgery of government seals such as the CDC vaccination card is illegal, with violations ranging from a fine of up to $5,000 or up to five years imprisonment for the person using the card.  State laws may also apply as well.  In some cases, jail time could be substantial.  Unfortunately, if HR accepts a fake card, there is a question whether, like in I-9 situations, legal liability could attach to the HR representative (fines and/or jail time) as well as to the employer.

Anthony Kaylin, “With a Vaccine Mandate Coming, HR should be on Alert for Fake Vaccination Cards” ASA, November 2, 2021,

What is the solution?

How many times have you looked at vaccine card? Do you know the different ways to spot a fake?  Well at ROBAL, we have looked at hundreds probably thousands by this point. Our ROBAL team has seen every brand, including brands from Europe and Asia, and we’ve verified them. Here at ROBAL, we have seen fakes and our HR specialists have counseled our customers on what to do next.

COVID has brought many burdens to our workplace, let us take one off of you.  ROBAL or LABOR spelled in reverse, is here for just this reason. Reversing how we do our labor. Stop managing on excel sheets with misspelled names and sorting for who needs a COVID test this week.  Let us streamline the process for your business.

Using ROBAL is easy.  A QR code is generated for your staff to utilize. Your staff downloads the app, uploads their vaccine card and/or weekly test results. The ROBAL compliance team (or your team) verifies the uploaded item.  Any staff members due for 2nd doses and/or weekly testing will receive emails and text messages 2 days before the expiration and on the day of the expiration.   Reporting is available and can be customized based on your business needs and is evolving based on OSHA requirements. 

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